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SageOnEarth Apple Farm Postcard in Autumn

As you will see, we apparently missed the apple picking season. But we, all the same, had the most wonderful time while visiting Pine Tree Apple Orchard. Wandering the orchard We looked for apples… This is all we could find: Nevertheless, we had a great time walking: What we found Most beautifulย fall colors: A pumpkin […]

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Christmas shopping
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How To Slow Travel Through Christmas Shopping

First thing first: this post is not sponsored! Only my appreciation here. So,ย I was planning this post for quite long, but in the meantime, I’ve seen plenty of blogs posting about Christmas shopping already. Nevertheless, there’s a good reason to that: November simply is the best time to get organized for Christmas! November for Christmas […]

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quebec postcard
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A SageOnEarth Cabin in Quebec Postcard!

Few months ago, this summer more precisely, we started a series of “Postcards from SageOnEarth”. As a matter of fact, they were quite successful. As I loved sending them, I decided to write some on a regular basis to present our wanders. So here is our “SageOnEarth Cabin in Quebec Postcard” for October! Enjoy… Our […]

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10 Things to Pack for a Cabin Getaway

This time of the year is perfect for cabin getaways. In Canada we call them so, but in Europe, it will be more like a “countryside retreat” or “escape”. Nevertheless, these getaways have a common point: they imply nature and therefore are situated in the middle of nowhere. Even when packing light you have to […]

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light packing
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10 ideas for a successful light packing this autumn

Why do I always talk about light packing? Whether on this blog or on my Instagram feeds, I always write how it’s important to pack light to travel a little more worry-free. ย People are often surprised to meet us with our little carry-ons, they are always astonished when they learn that this contains what we […]

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