Slow Travel Planning

Slow Travel Planning Services by SageOnEarth

Slow travel is all about gaining a deeper, more heartfelt, experience when travelling.

What is “Slow Travelling”?

“Slow Travelling” enables us to take our time and to fully enjoy and understand the local culture.

  • We contact local professionals because we want to support the local economy and because obviously they know their country best. Ecotourism is part of the experience.
  • We try to limit the touristy areas because that keeps us away from the locals.
  • We take time to understand and immerse ourselves within the local culture.

Want to benefit from our expertise when planning a slow vacation?

Have you been inspired by our way of “Slow Travelling” the world? Would you love to travel this way, too? May be you have no idea where to start with your slow travelling adventures or have no time to prepare your next vacation?

We can help you plan your slow travelling holiday.

We now offer “Slow Travel Planning Services”.

Who are we ?

As you can see, we are experts in organising our vacations, from weekends to long journeys.

We’ve been travelling both with children and as a couple. Therefore, we understand what your needs are whether you want to have a peaceful rest or a family friendly adventure.

As a family tied to school holidays, we perfectly understand your needs in terms of schedule and budget constraints.

We will help you to get the best Slow Travel experience, whether it is for a family vacation, honey moon, getaway with friends, a solo adventure, or any type of trip you want!

What will you get?

We’ll help you to define in detail your Slow Travel project and provide advice on every element of your trip: from finding your ideal location to the local services you will need.

Our services can include:

  • initial discussion to understand and define your goals and interests
  • research to find the accommodation that best suits you (hotels, Airbnb, B&B, etc..)
  • help to go there and move around (flight booking, car rentals, public transport, etc..)
  • customised Slow Travel Guide including authentic places, local shops, etc..
  • Visa and health advice when required
  • any special requests you may have

How does Slow Travel Planning work?

In order to help you, we will use our “Slow Travel” expertise and experience to find you the best options  but you will be responsible for the final booking. We will send you the links and information and you will purchase the travel yourself.

What are the costs?

To begin with, the first 30 minute Skype session is free, and then, we’ll charge:

  • £50 for planning your week-end get-away
  • £100 for planning a week escape
  • £150 for planning 2 weeks of long deserved vacation
  • £200 for planning your dreamy 3 or 4 weeks trip.
  • Want to travel even longer? No problem! Contact us and we’ll manage it for you too!

Let’s start!

To start your “Slow Travel” experience with us, just fill in the request from below. We’ll contact you to book a 30 minute Skype session to discuss your project and see how we will help you.